Florida minimum wage workers to get pay raise

TALLAHASSEE – Florida workers who are paid the minimum wage will get a 4-cents-an-hour pay raise beginning Friday.

That’s the day the new federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour goes into effect, replacing the Florida state minimum of $7.21. Federal law requires employers to pay the higher minimum wage, whether federal or state.  The minimum wage applies to all employees in the state who are covered by the federal minimum wage. 

Florida law requires the Agency for Workforce Innovation to calculate a new minimum wage each year on September 30, based on the Consumer Price Index.  If that calculation is higher than the federal rate, the state’s rate would then take effect the following January.

The minimum wage is different for tipped employees.  Florida’s current rate is $4.19 per hour plus tips and will increase to $4.23 on Friday with the new federal minimum wage. 

Employees who are entitled to receive minimum wage but are not paid the minimum wage may bring a civil action against the employer or any person violating Florida's minimum wage law. The Florida attorney general may also take action to enforce the minimum wage.

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