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Opinion: Republicans, HSAs short on health care

DELRAY BEACH — Imagine it’s 3 a.m. and your stomach aches. Not the kind of ache that you’ve endured before. Something far more severe. It’s as if some put your body in a giant vise and turned it and turned it well beyond the point that you can tolerate. You toss, you turn. You take aspirin. Nothing gives you relief, and in fact the pain only grows more intense.

Opinion: Why I'm voting for Alex Sink

I’ve been an active voter for more than a few decades. I’ve also been a working journalist over most of the same time. Because of my profession, I’ve never endorsed or campaigned for a candidate and only once, years ago at a time when I was not working for a news outlet, have I ever donated (a very tiny donation at that) to a political campaign.

Obama, Penguins, school kids and the right

WASHINGTON — News release from the White House: President Barack Obama has invited the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins for a visit on Thursday.

Florida Republican Chairman Jim Greer denounced the move as an obvious attempt by Obama to indoctrinate flightless waterfowl with his socialist propaganda and to force this country into a Canadian-style health care system. Republicans everywhere, including former Pittsburgh-area disc jockey Rush Limbaugh, echoed Greer’s outrage and urged parents not to take their kids to any hockey games involving the Stanley Cup champions.

A day of hope for the future

Enough doom and gloom. There was, finally, this past week a feel-good story for Palm Beach County and all of Florida really. READ MORE.

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