Why don't your people work as a team?

By Nancy Proffitt, Certified Business Coach, Proffitt Management Solutions

Nancy Proffitt                          
Does it ever seem like there is more “scheme” work than teamwork in your organization? Are your folks working in silos? I receive so many calls asking for help to improve teamwork in organizations. There seems to be a constant theme of tell tale signs when teamwork isn’t working hospitals and medical offices. Want to fix the problems …

Before being hired by the CEO of a medium-sized health care facility last year, I asked him to tell me why he thought his employees weren’t working as a team. His first response was he constantly hears the bickering, the blaming, and the finger pointing from his nurses, physicians and even in the administrative departments. The poor team behavior was pervasive at all levels, even his executive staff. He didn’t have the time nor want to handle all the nonsense.

What impact was this having in the organization? On the financial side, profits were down; the people side- performance was mediocre, while most importantly, on the customer service side, negative patient surveys were increasing. No wonder profits were down!

Management should consider these critical MUST DO’s for teamwork performance to improve.

Notice all of these critical aspects start with management – not employees. All the employee teamwork “training” in the world will not overcome poor leadership skills or management practices. Need to improve teamwork? Determine what part you own in that and then involve your team in fixing it.

Share ways you think I could help people improve teamwork? What has worked for you?

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Nancy Proffitt, MBA, Certified Business Coach is the president of Proffitt Management Solutions and Proffitt Management Leadership Institute, an internationally recognized Leadership coaching firm dedicated to growing profits by unleashing the full potential of individuals and organizations. She may be reached at 561-682-6060 or email: Nancy@proffittmanagement.com . Visit her website at www.proffittmanagement.com. Keep up to date on management practices: go to her blog www.profitablebusinesscoach.com/blog


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