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Larry GrinnellAbout Larry Grinnell: Larry has been working with Macintosh and Windows PCs for over 25 years and worked as a senior technical writer and IT support professional for a major midwest-based consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment manufacturer here in South Florida. His musings on a wide variety of topics from computers to jazz guitar to strange foreign cars from the 1950s can be viewed at the website. Click here to reach him by email. Mac Corner appears in Palm Beach every Wednesday.


palm beach phoenix apple users group logoWriters of Mac Corner are members of the Palm Beach Phoenix Apple User Group, a nonprofit organization for Apple Computing Device Users, recognized by Apple Inc., with the purpose of providing educational training and coaching to its members (students, professionals and seniors alike) in a cordial social environment. The club meets the second Saturday (1-4 p.m.) and fourth Wednesday (6-8 p.m.) of each month at the Fire Station #2, 4301 Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach (just two block south of Southern Boulevard). Click here to visit their website. Click here to reach them by email.



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Mac Corner: One media center app stands out

I’ve used these (web) pages to talk a little about my Mac mini-based media server in the past, and it seems like it’s just about time to do a progress report.A Mac mini connected to your HDTV is an ideal way to conveniently access your digital media with one controlling device. This means using one device to play your movies, music, videos, web content, not to mention your photo albums.

Mac Corner: Command line computing: Evil or not?

I received a desperate email from a friend last week. In spite of his vow to never own one of those infernal Windows PCs, one apparently flew into his hands and he was unable to let go. Unfamiliar as he was with whichever operating system was running on it (an older Sony Vaio, so probably Windows XP), he needed to know how to locate the MAC (media access control) address in order to perform some operation with it that I now can’t recall.

Mac Corner: Rumors swirl about the upcoming Apple developers conference

Every year, usually in June, Apple hosts a huge conference to support the developer community. The role of this conference has changed slightly over the last few years to include support of the iPods, iPads, iPhones, and other non-Macintosh devices that have emerged from the talented minds of the Apple hardware and operating system developers.

Mac Corner: Apple's amazing market valuation

A recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle reported that, incredible as it may seem, Apple is now worth more than Microsoft! As of the May 25 market close, Apple’s market capitalization was $223 billion. Along with this, Apple has $23 billion of cash and no debt, which means that Apple's enterprise value is $200 billion.

Mac Corner: The Sorry State of Local Computer Support

Have you ever tried to get service for your computer? Maybe needed in-home assistance for the initial setup of your new Mac? Had a pesky problem with system software or a new application?



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