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nancy proffittNancy Proffitt, MBA, Certified Business Coach is the president of Proffitt Management Solutions and Proffitt Management Leadership Institute, an internationally recognized Leadership coaching firm dedicated to growing profits by unleashing the full potential of individuals and organizations. She is a member of the boards of Legacy Bank and the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.

She may be reached at 561-682-6060 or by email. Visit her website at Keep up to date on management practices: go to her blog.
Nancy Proffitt's columns appear in Palm Beach every first and third Thursdays of each month.


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Why don't your people work as a team?

By Nancy Proffitt, Certified Business Coach, Proffitt Management Solutions

Does it ever seem like there is more “scheme” work than teamwork in your organization? Are your folks working in silos? I receive so many calls asking for help to improve teamwork in organizations. There seems to be a constant theme of tell tale signs when teamwork isn’t working hospitals and medical offices. Want to fix the problems … Why don't your people

Habits that are keeping you from success

By Nancy Proffitt, Certified Business Coach.

Competing for the section leader position of my high school band drum section taught me lessons about life that still hold true in my career today. At the ripe age of sixteen, it was win at all costs, while not taking the time to realize how I got in my own way. Habits Keeping You from Success.

Getting employees as enthused as you are

By Nancy Proffitt, Certified Business Coach.

Think back to the days when you first started working for someone and try to remember what it was that made you so excited about working for that person in that business. Many might say, I just needed a summer job. Others would say I loved working there because ... you fill in the blank. Getting Employees as Enthused

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